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The Isley Brothers - Twist and Shout - Greatest Hits

The Isley Brothers - Twist and Shout - Greatest Hits

Compilation of songs from their first two albums: Shout! (1959) and Twist & Shout (1962)

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Zombeavers - Lyrics

This isn't a covers-related post but I just bought (yes, bought) the theme song to Zombeavers and I wanted to put the lyrics into the song file. I Googled "zombeavers lyrics" but couldn't find them. On the whole internet! I had some spare time so I transcribed them. Here they are, for the first time anywhere (that I know of)!:


Written by Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan


You hear your sweetheart scream
She tells you why, you don't believe her
She saw one in the bathroom
It's no lie, it's a Zombeaver

Contaminated by toxic goo
A random genetic mistake
They're semi-aquatic, they're hungry for you
Boys and girls stay away from the lake


A cheerful gang of college students
Think they're on vacation
Instead, they're dodging beaver chompers
And facing their damnation

Don't board up the doorways and windows, my friend
It won't do any good
These furry brown bastards are fully equipped
And they'll chew right through your wood

Say goodbye to your golden retriever


So brace yourself, you've never witnessed
Rodents quite like these
Oh, Jesus Christ, you can't escape
They've blocked the road with trees

Check your bodies for scratches, you can't be too careful
Their claws are a cause for concern
Yes, once you're infected
It's only a matter before you turn into

(spoiler alert)

Look out they're coming through the walls
Your girlfriend's chewing off your balls

Zombeavers, baby

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The Isley Brothers - The Box Set Series

The Isley Brothers - The Box Set Series

The first image is the cover of the set itself. The second is the cover of the booklet inside.

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